What Subjects Do You Need To Become A Lawyer In Sa?

What Subjects Do You Need To Become A Lawyer In Sa?


What Subjects Do You Need To Become A Lawyer In Sa?


Are you interested in studying for a degree in law? If you want to start a career in the legal field, you'll need to do some research. In this article, I'm going to discuss what subjects are typically required by law schools and briefly explain why they're important.

Sa is a country known for its beautiful beaches and the ever-popular surf lifestyle. However, those who enjoy this unique lifestyle are also interested in taking up a career as a lawyer. Here we will list down all the subjects that you need to study before applying to become an attorney in Sa.

The subjects needed in order to become a lawyer in South Africa:

  • English
  • Afrikaans/Other Languages
  • Mathematics/Mathematical Literacy
  • Life Orientation
  • History
  • Geography
  • Accounting
  • Business Studies

English: You need to be able to read, write and speak English fluently. There are many ways to improve your language skills. You can start by attending English classes at school or by taking online courses. You can also learn through books, magazines and newspapers.

Afrikaans/Other Languages: A good command of Afrikaans will help you gain an advantage in obtaining a job in this field. If you do not have any knowledge of this language, then it is best that you start learning it from scratch as soon as possible.

Mathematics/Mathematical Literacy: In order to become a lawyer, you need to be able to understand mathematics and its applications in law. Mathematics is used in all fields of law like contract law, criminal law, etc., so one needs to be strong in this subject before pursuing studies towards becoming a lawyer.

Life Orientation: This subject helps you to understand the principles of human behavior, the basics of sociology, and basic psychology. It also provides insight into human rights and social justice.

History: You need to know about the history of different countries so that you can know how their laws have evolved over time and how they differ from one another. You will also be able to understand what happened during different wars and how they affected the people involved in them.

Geography: Geography is another important subject that should be taken by all law students. It teaches you about different parts of the world, their laws, and cultures. The more detailed your knowledge of geography is, the better off you'll be when it comes time for your exams!

Accounting: Accounting is the study of the financial statements of a business or entity. As a lawyer, you will be required to understand the business and financial aspects of the law.

Business Studies: Business studies is also another important subject for law students. This subject helps you understand how businesses work and what they need to do to run smoothly. If you have a passion for business and love reading about it, then this subject will be suitable for you.


The above courses are essential(but also be prepared to take some of the other courses) because as a future attorney you will need to know how languages work, do calculations, and understand legal concepts.

The best advice in this matter would be to enroll in these subjects as they are very important. It is not necessary to get all of them though but make sure that you get the ones that are compulsory in your country.


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