Rock, Paper, Scissors: Cow Bit by K-9 Kicks Deputy Who Tased K-9 for Biting Cow

Rock, Paper, Scissors: Cow Bit by K-9 Kicks Deputy Who Tased K-9 for Biting Cow

An unlikely rare series of ‘misfortunate events’ took place in South Carolina when a police officer was kicked by a cow for tasing a dog that bit the same cow. Sounds a little complicated to understand, right? The peculiar sequence of odd events unfolded in Georgetown, South Carolina, in January 2020, but the story has caught the netizens' eye recently after a tweet went viral on May 13. The hilarious post is topped with an equally amusing combination of a picture of a ferocious-looking cow scaring a police officer. But what stood out most was the unique headline, ‘K-9 Bites Cow, Deputy Tases K-9, Cow Kicks Deputy’ along with the hilarious caption, ‘new rock paper scissors just dropped.’ 

New rock paper scissors just dropped— Stinky (@sticky_ssb) May 13, 2021 

The tweet has left the internet in splits leaving them baffled by the complication of the situation and racked up almost 3 lakh likes and more than 45,000 retweets. 

According to Unilad, on January 22, last year, a Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office deputy responded to a burglary call at around 4.00 pm in South Carolina. The call was later proved to be unfounded but something ‘stranger things’ took place that day when the police dog got distracted by a nearby cow and went over to the bovine animal and bit it. The deputy was forced to tase his own K-9 in an attempt to de-escalate the situation but nobody would have imagined what happened next. The cow got frightened and ended up kicking the deputy and the property owner, leaving them with minor injuries. 

Amused Twitter users filled up the comment section with some amusing responses. Take a look at some of them: 

However, the picture used in the tweet is related to another funny incident in Germany that took place in 2016, reports Snopes. 

In Schmira, Germany, a cow escaped from her stall to a nearby field and into a garden which led to a chase. Eventually, the animal was narcotized after which it ran over officers but didn’t seriously injure anyone. 

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